Goldfinger Monitors

GOLDfinger LED LCD touchscreen monitors are affordable, reliable, durable, and designed especially for the gaming industry.


Our focus is on creating reliable, well engineered products with the flexibility to easily integrate into your industry and workflow.


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Product Overview

Touchscreen Technology

GOLDfinger touchscreen monitors utilize infrared touch technology with hardened glass screens. This allows for extremely accurate and responsive touch input as well as greater reliability. Without a traditional capacitive touch layer over the screen there is greater brightness, contrast, and color accuracy. The infrared technology also allows the display to respond to any touch input. Even gloves, a stylus, or a pencil eraser can interact with the touchscreen without issue.

LCD Screens

GOLDfinger electronic liquid-crystal displays are designed in a wide range of screen sizes, making them compatible with units formerly housing CRT or Plasma displays. The screens are manufactured free of phosphorus and mercury, and are safe from image burn-in. These features, combined with low electrical power consumption, make our monitors ideal for the needs of your industry.

LED Backlighting

GOLDfinger monitors use individual LEDs across the back of the screen which turn on or off independently, thus giving the display more precise control over the amount of transmittable light. Advantages of these LED backlights are higher efficiency, more accurate color reproduction, greater display brightness, and lower operating costs.

Power Harness & Cables

GOLDfinger power harnesses and cables are built to last. Tough and durable, these harnesses are constructed from high-quality, electrically shielded, and abrasion-resistant materials that house the cables. Our sturdy cables not only provide electrical power to your monitors, they are designed to reduce the amount of electricty your monitor pulls.

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