Customer Testimonials

“I will not buy anything from overseas companies.  My communication with Goldfinger is clear and we talk as often as I want to.  I can trust they will make every effort to fulfill the commitments they make to me.”

~ Mike Jenkins, North Carolina

“They listen to my requests and always maintain good communication with me.”

~ Bret Brand, South Carolina

“Goldfinger monitors have helped me lower my costs.”
~ Larry Ayers, Florida

“I’ve bought from Chinese companies before.  I changed to Goldfinger because they could beat Chinese prices and I can pay locally without any Chinese communication problems.”

~ Joe Davis, Florida

“I have to back up the quality of anything I sell.  I changed to Goldfinger monitors because they’ve been so reliable. If I’ve needed support, they’ve been there for me every time.”

~ Tony Sherman, Texas

“My customer base is very price-driven. Goldfinger helps me keep my prices competitive, but now I have the edge because I have more reliability than any one else in my market.”

~ Al Makanojiya, Texas

“Goldfinger has made custom designs at prices lower than I previously paid for off-the-shelf monitors.  I always buy from them whenever possible.”

~ Scot Miller, Wisconsin

“I bought from Chinese LCD makers in the past and ended up losing a lot of customers because the quality was so poor.  Goldfinger has allowed me the chance to regain a good many of my customers because their monitors are so reliable and the quality is what my people expect.”

~ Don Doyle, Texas

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