We Customize

GOLDfinger can custom-design your monitors.  Our dedicated engineering team is at your disposal and our consulting and design work are free.

43" Monitors

GOLDfinger 42” monitors are engineered using an open-frame design.  The monitors are normally mounted by flanges on the top and bottom, or with VESA mounts on the back.


The 42" frames can be customized to your specifications.

Technical Specifications

LED LCD Screen

Screen Diagonal Dimension: 42"

Aspect Ratio: 4 by 3

Active Area: 36.62" x 20.6" (930.24mm x 523.26mm)

Pixel size (Horizontal x Vertical): 0.1615mm x 0.4845mm

Pixels (Horizontal x Vertical): 1920 by 1080

Optical Response Time: 5 miliseconds

Contrast Ratio: 50,000 : 1 (Typical)

Number of Colors: 16.7 million colors

Power Consumption: less than 43.48 Watts



Video Input Options: VGA, CGA, DVI, & Displayport



Power Supply Input: A/C 110-240 at 50-60 HZ

Power Supply Output:DC 12V DC 24V


PACKING LIST (What’s in the Box)

42" LED Display

Power Cable

VGA Video Cable

Goldfinger Logo Stickers



Overall Dimensions:

38.0" x 23.7" x 2.7" (973mm x 608mm x 70mm)

Unit Weight: 44 lbs (20 kg) - with bezel


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