Goldfinger Launches New Products at G2E 2023

G2E 2023

Las Vegas, NV – Goldfinger, a leading provider of innovative displays and touchscreen solutions, is thrilled to introduce its latest range of products at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) 2023 in Las Vegas. This highly anticipated event will occur from October 9-12 at The Venetian Expo, with the Expo Hall open from October 10-12.

Among the exciting launches is the 10.1-inch Button Deck, featuring a lightweight design that enhances current gaming experiences. This product improves user interaction and boosts productivity with its customizable inserts and LED lights.

Another standout is the 22-inch Pixel PCAP, specifically designed for a multitude of applications. Its energy-efficient and space-saving design makes it perfect for kiosks and various interactive applications, making it a versatile choice for businesses needing adaptable displays.

The 24-inch Round PCAP is a visually captivating product that attracts customers with its interactive capabilities. Its sleek and aesthetically pleasing round monitor design seamlessly blends into various environments, offering a multitude of applications for businesses to engage their audience.

The highly innovative 27-inch Dual PCAP monitor is a must-see at G2E 2023. Its ability to enhance gameplay display through customization and synced video provides a heightened gaming experience. Additionally, the larger screen size creates ample space for full game features.

For those seeking a captivating large format display, Goldfinger presents the 35.3-inch PCAP monitor. With its large 35" square screen and remarkable 4K resolution, this monitor opens up exciting possibilities for split-screen applications, making it ideal for digital signage purposes.

Attendees can also explore the 43-inch C Curve PCAP and 43-inch J Curve PCAP monitors, designed for a wide range of applications and environments. These lightweight monitors are particularly suitable for gaming due to their ergonomic designs, allowing gamers to immerse themselves in their favorite virtual worlds comfortably.

The 43-inch PCAP monitor further expands Goldfinger's product lineup, catering to various applications and environments. Its lightweight design and compatibility with digital signage make it an attractive choice for businesses looking to enhance customer engagement.

Finally, the 58.4-inch Stretch monitor has been specifically crafted for digital signage and the transportation industry. Its lightweight design and esthetically pleasing appearance make it a versatile choice that can be equally utilized for outdoor settings, captivating customers wherever it's placed.

Goldfinger cordially invites all G2E 2023 attendees to visit their booth at The Venetian Expo. Experience these groundbreaking displays firsthand and discover how they can revolutionize your business, whether in gaming, digital signage, or other industries.