The Goldfinger team has been on the road the last few months at key industry trade shows presenting the latest and greatest products. Here is a recap.

Are customers getting too involved in the action? We’ve got you covered. Works with Jurassic Park Arcade, The Walking Dead, Aliens Armageddon Deluxe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Injustice 55”, Halo: Fireteam Rave 2 Player and


Customers will be able to interact with your games through the use of a traceable RFID card. Managers are provided with real-time visibility of all virtual and real currency transactions, reports, and control of the entire system, while employees are given limited access to sensitive information and controls. Depending on your preferences, the system is configurable to the specific needs of your business environment.


Designed and manufactured in collaboration with RKS, the system was designed with the highest possible quality and security available in the industry for both data and network security whether you require a wired or an enterprise-class wireless WIFI solution. 

Logic Box

Audio Outputs | Ethernet Capable | USB I/O and Serial I/O VGA/ HDMI Video Output | Built-in Inputs/ Outputs Hard Drive Sold Separately | API Software Available Available in Low, Medium and High Processing Power Models

Optional Graphics Card Adapter for High-Resolution Graphics Multi-Output Interface Adapter Available